50 Phrases we should all say to our kids

Sometimes, parents find it difficult to express their belief in and support for their children in ways the latter will be inspired by. Yet the usual 'well done, good boy/girl' just isn't enough. It's vital for a child to know that it's loved, understood and accepted.

Child psychologist Yekaterina Kes has put together a list of crucial phrases which she thinks you ought to use with your child. All of them will help your child to understand the depth of your love and affection for them. What could be more important than that?
Expressing belief in your child

    'I trust you'
    'I believe in you'
    'I respect your decision'
    'It won't be easy, but I'm certain you'll do it'
    'You're doing everything right'
    'You understand this perfectly'
    'How did you manage to do this so well?'
    'Teach me how you do it, so I can succeed like you'
    'You can do it better than I can'
    'You're better at this than me'

Crediting their hard work

    'I can see how much work you put into this'
    'I can see how hard you tried'
    'You worked so hard on this, and you achieved it perfectly!'
    'You're making fantastic progress!'
    'I can see you spent a lot of time on this'
    'I can imagine how much effort you had to put in to achieve this!'
    'You must have worked so hard to get this result!'
    'All that hard work paid off!'

Being thankful for the time you spend together

    'I really appreciate you spending time with me'
    'I can't wait to play with you tomorrow'
    'It's so interesting to do this with you'
    'I really enjoyed playing with you'
    'I'm so glad you're at home with me'
    'I'm having so much fun being with you'

Helping them evaluate their own performance

    'What do you think about this?'
    'You must be so proud!'
    'What's the thing your most proud of?'
    'What's your opinion on this?'
    'How would you evaluate your own work?'
    'And what do you think of the result?'
    'How do you wish it had gone?'

Being thankful for their help

    'Thank you so much for doing this'
    'I'm so grateful that you helped me with this'
    'You really helped me out'
    'Thanks for understanding'
    'I don't know what I would have done without you'
    'Without your help I wouldn't have succeeded'
    'You helped me to get through this quicker'
    'The house is so tidy thanks to you'

Describing what you  see

    'Your bedroom is so clean!'
    'Wow, you've made your bed! Fantastic!'
    'There are so many beautiful colours in this picture!'
    'I can see that you really tried hard'
    'I noticed that you cleared the table yourself. Well done!'

Describing how you feel

    'I just love spending time with you so much'
    'I'm so happy when you're at home'
    'I love being part of your team'
    'I love hearing your opinion'
    'I'm so incredibly grateful that I have you'
    'It makes me so happy when you're around to help me'

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