The Cavendish School: Governor Recruitment

Role (therapy/medical background): 

Can you help shape the future of education for autistic pupils? The Cavendish School will bring an innovative International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum together with the most effective interventions and therapies to create a learning environment that will lead the way in inclusive education. 

We’re looking for someone with experience, knowledge and ideas around interventions and therapies for young people with autism, plus a passion for education and innovation to join The Cavendish School’s governing body from June this year. Opening on the outskirts of Cambridge this Autumn, The Cavendish School will provide the unique educational environment that young people with autism need to thrive and succeed when their needs cannot be met in a mainstream school. As well as being the world’s first IB special autism school, The Cavendish School will be Cambridgeshire’s first state maintained special free school provision for young people with autism.

As a new school, we are looking for a governing body who can support the team in developing a school community that allows its students to achieve, make progress and experience success. As a governor with a particular focus on therapeutic interventions, you will need to have a knowledge and understanding of autism education, as well as a medical/therapeutic background, so that you can help lead, share experiences and take part in important conversations and decisions that will help form the foundations and direction of the school. 

Being a governor is a voluntary position and we are incredibly grateful to the highly skilled group of people who commit their time and expertise, allowing us to provide our students with the skills, confidence and abilities to take their place in the world.  

How do I know if I have the skills you need?
Training is available in all areas of the role of governor, so you will be bringing skills from your professional roles. 
You will need to be organised, motivated and an effective communicator as well as confident in your knowledge of therapeutic interventions for autistic young people and willing to learn more about every aspect of autism education.

What will I gain from becoming a governor?
You will have the opportunity to help shape the future of autism education alongside a diverse and committed school community, making a real difference to the pupils and their families. 
You will have the chance to apply your skills to an exciting challenge and build new skills in areas such as strategic planning, financial oversight and decision-making.

If you are interested in becoming a governor at The Cavendish School, please contact

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