What Not to Do with an Autistic Child

By: Vanessa Blanchard

Raising an autistic child can be confusing. 

There are so many ways that their behaviours and needs are unique to what we’re told standard development looks like.  It’s hard knowing what to do and what not to do when raising autistic kids.

Information circulating outside the autistic community can be conflicted, riddled with judgements and stigmas, and ultimately far less helpful than it hopes to be. 

To combat this, many autistic adults have dedicated their time and energy to sharing their experiences so that parents, kids, and other autistic adults can have help understanding and meeting our unique needs.

Parents can find a lot of comfort and information from other autistic adults

Here’s a compilation of some of the most commonly asked questions or issues raised by parents with an autistic child, as well as some general advice about what to do and what not to do on each topic.

Since it is written by an autistic adult, you can think of it as ten things every child with autism wishes you knew.


  1. What is it Like to be Autistic

  2. Is Autism a Disability

  3. How to Handle an Autistic Child

  4. How to Calm Down an Autistic Child

  5. How to Deal with an Aggressive Autistic Child

  6. How to Discipline an Autistic Child

  7. How to Teach an Autistic Child

  8. How to Teach an Autistic Child to Talk

  9. How to Get an Autistic Child to Eat

  10. How to Get an Autistic Child to Sleep

  11. Keep Asking Autistics

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