What’s it really like to be autistic in the workplace?

Beyond the cliché of being ‘good at maths’, people on the autistic spectrum can contribute hugely as employees and also help to make workplaces better for everyone 

Lars Backstrom has a glittering international career. He has three master’s degrees – in physics, geophysics and creative writing, and warfare – and has been a non-commissioned officer in the military, a reinsurance analyst and a lecturer. 

He has even tested algorithms for Nasa. Yet Mr Backstrom spent eight years out of full-time employment. This is not uncommon for someone with autism, regardless of qualification and experience.

Mr Backstrom’s autism means he has always found social interaction difficult but now works as a consultant for IT consultancy Auticon, which specifically employs people with autism. There he is able to work on projects that match his expertise in a supportive environment.

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