Create Your Own Autism Friendly Sensory Onesie

Everyone deserves to feel Snuggletastic®, so The All-in-One Company have been working alongside The National Autistic Society to create clothing for those with sensory issues.
This new unique service simply allows children and adults alike to create their own Sensory Onesie;

You can choose your fabrics, mixing and matching  colours and patterns on your design, you can choose the cuffing and see complimentary sample packs prior to ordering just to make sure that the fabrics you have selected are as soft as you'd imagined – with over 90% of people on the autistic spectrum experiencing sensory issues, The All-in-One Co understand how complex the issues can be.
Each Onesie is handcrafted to order and offers comfort and peace of mind. The difference with the Sensory Onesie is that the seams are so very soft that they actually feel seamless, the labels are not sewn into the garments, and there is in fact nothing that will irritate or cause distress even if personalisation has been chosen.
The All-in-One Company recognise that everyone is unique and therefore so is their onesie. The possibilities are endless with choices of zip positions, attached or detachable feet and mittens, pockets, hoods even ears and tails."

For more information visit their website The All In One Company

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