Employable Me

Ellie has Tourette's syndrome and Ben has autism. Both are desperate to find work and have super strengths that would really benefit employers. Now they have the chance to prove it.

23-year-old Ellie lead a perfectly normal life until two years ago when, out of the blue, she started yelling marshmallow in a supermarket. At 21, Ellie developed full-blown Tourette's and was forced to leave her job as a youth worker because she can't control the (often highly offensive) words that come out of her mouth. She's spent the last two years trying to piece her life back together and is now desperate to find a job where she will be accepted. Thanks to a neuropsychologist, she discovers that her condition is linked to superior strengths in areas such as empathy and a whole new career avenue is opened up to her.

27-year-old Ben has a form of autism called Asperger's syndrome and finds the world an extremely challenging place. To reduce anxiety, Ben lives his life by strict rules. Ben is so dedicated to regulation that he has devoted his adult life to studying law and has two degrees under his belt. Despite his credentials, no law firm has ever given him an interview in the three years since he graduated, let alone a job. His dad is convinced employers see Asperger's syndrome on his CV and dismiss him outright. But when Ben meets autism expert Professor Simon Baron Cohen, he realizes that Asperger's syndrome shouldn't just be seen as a disability and helps him change his strategy so that employers can finally see how gifted he is.

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