Family BoxciSEN

Family BoxciSEN

A community project that encourages families living with additional needs to become more active together, through taking part in Boxercise Workshops. Family BoxerciSEN incorporates boxing movements with other types of exercise to create a safe, fun yet exciting experience, which offers the additional benefits of building confidence and resilience, whilst reducing anxiety.

These term-time only classes for people aged 6+. They are ideal for family groups with disabled children, along with neurotypical siblings and other family members or friends.

How it can help/benefit
  *   Adapted and autism friendly
  *   Flexible and non-competitive to encourage participation
  *   Pad work, footwork drills and a variety of exercises to improve muscle strength, concentration
  *   Develop greater hand-eye coordination, balance and agility
  *   Inclusive coaching for building confidence, anxiety reduction
  *   Enjoyable and engaging for everyone to stay active, feel socially included and feeling successful


This is a pilot project in hall green area to test the interests in the community for motivating adults with long term health conditions and additional needs, to be active together doing various adapted exercises and reducing isolation. At present we don’t know who will be coming to the sessions but we do expect everyone’s need will be different and we would love the chance to meet and greet everyone to start with and gain a bit of understanding the needs of individual, then hopefully with upcoming sessions we can build a more stable and positive relationships for better engagement.
There will be different activities prepared but we might not use them all as don’t want to overwhelm just want to meet people and do a few simple exercises to break the ice then we’ll see what’s best activity to do. It’s at a trial stage. There will be boxercise, dance, adapted drumming, relaxation, general fitness, general games etc. 
At present we do ask the carer to be present and please bring a mat and open mind to the sessions, it will be an enjoyable experiences for all. Please see attached flyers for taster and regular sessions and a quick registration form.

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For more information call 07707 931 439 or email or visit their Facebook page

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