George the Poet: Jokes about autism are ignorant

George the Poet says people who joke about autism are "ignorant".

The spoken word poet, who came fifth in the BBC's Sound Of 2015, has a brother who was diagnosed with the condition at the age of seven.

"Sometimes people think they might be being clever," says George who's full name is George Mpanga. "Knowing what I know I can't sit there and pretend it's funny or it's not ignorant."

The 24-year-old believes "people need to change how they think about autism".

He says: "It's not something that should be cured or fixed. It's a point of difference which should be appreciated and understood.

"One way to understand autism is to think about the things you take for granted.

"An awareness of body language, to know when someone is happy or angry. Or realising when someone is being sarcastic or telling a joke."

He explains what life was like growing up for him and his brother Kenny in a BBC Radio 1 documentary.

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