Growing up and growing old with Autism

Autistica, the research charity have just launched their 9 minute video called “Growing up and growing old with autism”.

It is a stunningly effective video, telling an important story clearly and well. Autistica will use it to try to influence people and governments to give more to autism research. If you go to their website: you will be able to watch it, and you will see some of our children and some of our staff who are on it. My thanks to them and their parents for giving their permission to use images of their children; having watched the video for the first time last evening, I thought the inclusion of our children made a very powerful impact on the film.

There are half a million adults with autism living in the UK today. Despite this there has been almost no research into how autism changed through adulthood, or understanding of the emotional, physical and mental health needs of adults with autism.

Autism has a huge economic impact because it lasts a lifetime and so many people are affected, often profoundly. Autism is estimated to cost the UK economy £32 billion per year, making it the single most costly medical condition. In contrast, it is currently estimated that just £4 million per year is spent on UK autism research by the government and charities combined. Only 7% of this is spent on research into adults, just 60p per adult per year.

Click the link to watch the video.

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