How Horses Help

‘The primary aim when working with those dealing with any kind of challenge, be it cognitive, psychological or physical, is to improve independent life skills. This is achieved by social interaction, working with the horse, and riding the horse, but a great deal of other learning inevitably takes place in the process if achieving this primary aim, in all sorts of ways and in a range of different situations.’ – How Horses Help page 19

‘When we have a knock-back in our lives, it is better to look ahead at the next step in our future rather than dwell on what is past and can’t be changed. By perfecting our jumping technique and the training of the horse, we can aim for a clear round of jumps with fewer knock-downs. In the same way we can change or alter our own course for the future to find enjoyment in the things we do.’ – How Horses Help pages 32–33.

Horses are our teachers, therapists and psychologists. They help us to respect their boundaries, and can provide positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement to the rider or handler. They can help us become consistent with our language and use of body movements, by responding at the right time and in the correct way, providing us with positive reinforcement.’ – How Horses Help page 64

‘Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) will open new doors for both the person with difficulties and for their families and friends.’ – How Horses Help

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