My Aspi World

Hello, I’m David. I discovered I was born as someone with Aspergers Syndrome, at the age of 52 in 2017. So I am not what doctors call Neurotypical (NT). If you are not Neurotypical, your brain is wired differently. My hearing is also not typical. My mother took me to an ear nose and throat man when I was about sixteen, but I only got a hearing aid when I was 26 years old. Without that I’m rather deaf. So for most my life I have felt different without knowing why, causing a lot of damage along the way both to myself and those close and not so close to me.

Being wired differently means I often see things in a different way. I would like to be a champion for the Aspergers and Autistic community, grow awareness and create a better understanding to make it easier for the Autistic community to integrate into a NT World. It is a serious issue as 85% of Autistic people are not in full time paid employment, find relationships very difficult, generally die younger (which is very scary for me) and life can be rather overwhelming.

However I am determined not to just talk about Autism and Aspergers in my blogs. I am a real person, intelligent enough to have an MBA, have 3 wonderful kids and have done some truly amazing things in my life. I do realise that for various reasons I was one of the lucky ones for reasons that will become clear as you get to know me, which is why I believe I can help and make a difference, I have some very specific interests. For example. I love my sport (especially Fulham!) find politics fascinating and now an even greater interest in how this crazy NT world behaves and desperately trying to understand it.

You may note that I spell Aspi differently to most other people. Surely Aspi is a male with Aspergers and Aspie is a female with Aspergers. I studied French for A Level. Seems logical to me.

I hope you find blogs interesting and even challenge your way of thinking and even amusing where possible.

Welcome to My Aspi World.

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