People with autism and learning disabilities star in exhibition

There is nothing overtly special about Ros Mountjoy's set of keys.

But to her they mean everything, the keys a symbol of her privacy and the keyrings mementos from people she has met over the years.

She features in an exhibition that explores how seemingly everyday objects can be vitally important to people with autism and learning disabilities.

The Power of Ownership features people living in Cardiff and will be at the city's Temple of Peace until 2 August.

Russ Kennedy, regional director of Dimensions Cymru - the not-for-profit support provider launching the exhibition, said: "Everyone has objects that may seem mundane to others, but to us are more precious than gold.

"The knick-knacks many of us take for granted are evidence of lives well lived.

"Too often, we see people arriving at our services without any possessions... this is why it's incredibly important that we... support people in a way that allows them to build ordinary lives and gather possessions that ultimately help tell their stories."

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