Tagosi - Reuniting lost items with their owners

Tag anything!
Have you lost belongings before? If yes, then it’s a good idea to get some help from technology by using tagosi products. The standard package comes with 31 items, containing various tags, keyrings & stickers which is sent to you when you subscribe. You will also be sent more items each year.

If you lose something
When someone finds a lost item of yours, they can scan the QR code or visit tagosi.com to send you a secure message & email through our system (or a phone call, if you have allowed that function). This means you are instantly notified of its location. Usually, this is soon after you have dropped something, so you can arrange to meet and be reunited quickly.

None of your personal details are on the products and as all communication is through our encrypted system, your details and the details of the person contacting you are not disclosed (unless you allow phone calls when subscribing). You can also update your contact info if it changes through our website.

Check out Tagosi's website for more details

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