The Full Guide To Flying With A Disability

Parking4Less have created an in-depth guide to help make travelling safer and easier for people with disabilities. 

The guide is called “The Full Guide to Flying with a Disability” and offers plenty of valuable information such as:

Understanding the struggle disabled travellers face when they try to fly. Figures show 57% of these travellers said they had difficulty when accessing an airport or flying. 33% of people also said they were unhappy with the service provided for them at the airport.

The barriers disabled travellers face when they fly. Did you know that 26 wheelchairs are damaged across the world on a daily basis? and some of these can cost tens of thousands to replace!

Practical advice on the best places to visit as a disabled holidaymaker, how to book a hotel room which is right for you and how to get special assistant on your flight if you need it. The resource also covers medical information which you might find useful.

Other helpful tips and resources that can make planning and taking a trip abroad safe and easy for those with disabilities.

Feel free to check-out the guide below:

"The Full Guide to Flying with a Disability"


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