The Thing: A young boy's journey with Asperger's

Have you met the Thing?

Once upon a not that long ago, there was a boy. It could have been a girl…but it wasn’t. It was a boy. This boy was special. Not more special than his brother. Not more special than other boys for that matter, but special nonetheless. What, I hear you ask, was special about this boy?

Well… …this boy had a THING!!! 'The Thing' is a simple story poetically told by a loving mother of a 7 year old boy with High Functioning Asperger's. Written to fill the hole she had found in this very niche market, her book doesn’t teach you how to change your child. It doesn't teach the child the nature of their condition and how to survive or mask it. It isn’t about fixing anything at all...merely supporting your child to accept themselves as they are and in some way embrace their autism as an amazing and indelible part of who they are.

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